· June 30th is the deadline for public comments on development plans for Nairobi National Park looms
· Coronavirus pandemic used to distract citizens of Nairobi from the fate of their heritage and impact on indigenous communities
· In July, construction will destroy entire chunks of the world’s only nature reserve in a Capital City
· The fate of Nature Reserves across the region hangs by a string
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XR Africa (Nairobi, KENYA)The set June 30th deadline for submission of public comments into the controversial Nairobi National Park is fast clocking in. Once a mere formality is met, the Kenyan government remains committed to destroying our planets heritage and altering an ecosystem untouched for centuries irreversibly. Plans to fence off the African nature reserve, means the indigenous Maasai community, the land’s rightful caretakers and inhabitants, will be separated from its lifeline, a migratory corridor linking the only urban reserve in the world to vital dispersal lands. Not only will wildlife be further decimated by the consequences, but human lives are once again deemed to matter less than profit. lions and wildebeest, have nurtured their young since before Nairobi was even an idea.

We have been subjected to monologue webinars where we are only allowed to ask ‘friendly questions on email to tick the constitutional box of public participation. The plea to have more integrated and ecosystem based redrafting of the management plan that includes saving the land of the community leaving adjacent to the park and who, for years have safeguarded the dispersal area forpastedGraphic_3-1.png wildlife use and for purposes of grazing their cattle, have fallen on deaf ears.  The park is being pushed to accommodate private infrastructural developments and further encroachments and to satisfy the insatiable needs of the elite.  The community is being fenced off the Mbagathi River which serves their pastoral way of life. Wildlife is being fenced in a closed unpalatable ecosystem full of tough grass, ticks and invasive species. It is barely a week to seal the fate of Nairobi National Park and set precedence for the rest of Kenya’s wildlife habitats. Kenya’s wildlife needs the world’s intervention, it needs the young generation, it needs the influential leaders to speak for them. Nairobi National Park is bleeding. Save Nairobi National Park. The Wild Life Matter. 

The process being carried out for the development of implementation of the management Plan of Nairobi National Park goes against the constitution of Kenya that mandates the participation of the community in the stakeholder meetings, completely goes against the National Wildlife Conservation strategy and the set conservation principles. The process is being wired to serve the interest of the elite. Most of Kenya’s wildlife thrives in community lands, fencing goes against the main objective of the plan that is to conserve habitats and have thriving populations.

Help Kenya’s oldest park survive the onslaught, help stop the gazzetment of the current illegally developed plan and call for the park and its dispersal areas declared a World Heritage site, one that should be free from the erosions of development and greed. We ask that the plan not only foresee a 10 year view but one that will last for hundreds of year – one that encapsulates the vision of the ancestors. 

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